Our Player Expectations

The Madrid Euro Soccer Academy serves as a professional environment for soccer players to reach their highest potential. It is an all-encompassing, 360-degree program that provides the necessary tools and resources to maximize elite soccer performance.

Throughout the course of a player’s program, maximum effort, focus, and consistency are demanded. With such high standards set in place, players will get out of the program whatever they put into it.

Our pro soccer Academy offers more than just physical training but also mental and emotional support to ensure success both on and off the field. It is one of the best investments athletes can make to develop as soccer players. It is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly, as it can lead to a potential career in elite or professional soccer.
We expect our players to possess the:
Talent and potential to compete at an elite level
Willingness to work hard, persevere and sacrifice
Openness and ability to adapt and embrace new situations
Desire and commitment to improve, perform and achieve
Discipline and responsibility to manage and own their personal program
Confidence and courage to seize and make the most of this extraordinary opportunity
Our Admissions Process
Submit application with coach endorsement
In-person trial or match/highlight video analysis
Player and parent chat with Academy Director or staff
Players will be notified about the Academy’s decision one week after the player and parent interview
After the deposit is paid, players and their parents will be sent official Academy acceptance
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