Integration with a Spanish Club: Experience First-Hand All the Best of Madrid's Football

There can be limits to what training plans can offer. If players know nothing outside of a fixed routine, then they will only know how to work within that box. This is a reason why the Madrid Euro Soccer Academy (MESA) program involves flying players over to Madrid, Spain. Players can opt to be there for 2 weeks, a few months, or a whole season. Our belief in Spanish soccer is more than just following their training principles and style of play, it is about fully taking in the soccer culture of the country. This culture has led to champions and winners at the highest stages of the world.

Our program allows selected members of the team to go to Spain. This fully integrates them with this winning culture. To play in Spanish fields, to play against elite Spanish teams, and to take in the sites of beautiful cities like Madrid. While this is great, it still isn’t enough. MESA takes it one step further. Other residency programs only train players within their academies, but MESA develops players by also integrating them with other Spanish clubs. This ensures players step outside of their comfort zone and learn to adapt with high-quality peers.

Steps For Spanish Club Integration

MESA wants to ensure the best experience possible for its players, even when integrating them with a Spanish club. This means we take the appropriate steps needed to enhance learning, immersion and development. 

Tryouts: Our coaches use their assessments to look for local Spanish clubs that would best fit specific players and then arrange tryouts for those clubs. They evaluate players individually and look for clubs within the Madrid metropolitan area that would be best suited to handle the integration experience. This is part of our commitment to provide personalized development, even when they are momentarily in different clubs.

Evaluation: The respective Spanish teams’ coaches will assess the performance of each player as they complete a week of practice. This is to see if the players will fit into the club’s system and dynamics.

Signing: If the Spanish club believes the player is a good fit, the player can then sign with their team. Once a player obtains their playing permit they can then compete with the Spanish club in official matches. To play with a new team against other elite teams is invaluable for a player’s growth. It gives him a new environment to grow through competition and to be challenged.

A MESA coach will attend the players’ matches to take note of their development and progress. The Madrid soccer ecosystem has many divisions so there will be many opportunities for a player to integrate with an appropriate Spanish club. 

360 Degree Development Through Integration

This approach with integration helps holistic growth by having our players display the results of their training with a different club. It will show just how much they’ve learned while being in MESA. Training with Spanish teams will bring out the best in them, having them adjust to new coaching styles, soccer philosophies, and playstyles. This will be beneficial to their growth as players and individuals.

These Spanish clubs are subject to relegations and promotions, so the intensity is boosted by the stakes. Training and matches under these circumstances will have tougher competition. This is very motivating and challenging for players. 

Integration develops players through exposure, competition, and need to adapt. Our players will deal with tactics, playing styles, environments and cultures they otherwise wouldn’t have, while forming new bonds with Spanish club teammates and coaches. This is an experience that strengthens them socially, personally, and as athletes. It prepares them for the next stage in their soccer journey.

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