Video Analysis : Accelerating Player Development Through Detailed Observation

Video Analysis : Accelerating Player Development Through Detailed Observation

To stay on top of the soccer world, players need more precise and detailed coaching. Data and analytics have improved tremendously, so it is vital for athletes to know the best path forward with their growth. This is where video analysis steps in. By recording team practices, personal training, and matches, players and the staff can review the footage to see where the areas for development are. This gives players a valuable opportunity to learn and improve faster than before.

Video Analysis Benefits Players And Teams

Unlike previous decades, video analysis is readily available for academies and clubs. It is no longer a tool that only the top-end of the professional league can use. Now, academy coaches can immediately review footage of games and give instant feedback to players. Without having to rely on recollection, video analysis ensures that feedback is accurate and backed by objective performance measurements.

When it comes to behavior tracking, video analysis lets coaches see the behaviors of a player and informs specific development plans. Watching the film allows for a detailed and thorough assessment that keeps soccer players aware of their own unconscious movements.

MESA Approaches Player Growth With Video Analysis

As an elite soccer academy, Madrid Euro Soccer Academy (MESA) keeps up with the latest technology to support players as optimally as possible. Our video analysis process gives us the ability to review games immediately. We can even stream our games to the rest of our staff so that analysis happens in real time and feedback can reach players during a match.

When we review the film, we can break the analysis down in three different ways: tactical, individual, and behavioral. Tactical analysis looks into a player’s performance to where strategies and tactics can improve based on the player’s ability to read the game and follow instructions. Individual analysis allows coaches to see the effectiveness of a player within the dynamics of a team, which will inform better line-up decisions. Lastly, behavioral analysis lets coaches see through the eyes of the player, showing how their morale is affected by the game or practice.

Improving The Coaching Process

Investing into proper video analysis can streamline the coaching process for any academy. It starts with recording the footage and collecting data. This is where parts of the footage can be used for player highlights. Coaches and analysts can then go through the film and the data to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of a team or player. Once the staff has all of the data organized and analyzed, they can present it to the team during a review. 

At MESA, we provide feedback and instruction to our players regularly. Following a process like this elevates the coaching for our staff, while also giving more accurate and verifiable feedback to our players.

This is an incredible tool that has allowed players to develop faster than ever before. It has changed how game analytics can be done for academy teams. MESA will continue to push for the development of elite players and video analysis will be a reliable tool to instruct and nurture that growth.

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