World Class Competition: Challenging the Best in Spain

There is nothing like high-level competition to bring out the best in a player. This is something Madrid Euro Soccer Academy (MESA) recognizes and embraces. We regularly put our players in positions to compete in tournaments and matches. This helps unlock and maximize their true potential. It’s their opportunity to show how much they’ve grown, how they respond to competitive environments and how talented they really are. On the field, the team bands together to execute team tactics in a way practice could never achieve.

The MESA Match and Tournament Cycle

MESA plays friendly matches against high-level Madrid soccer teams every two weeks. These matches give our players a chance to put their training into action. Coaches can see how the MESA players stack up against elite Spanish teams. This lets them collect data that reveals more about the team and its players due to the pressure of the match. 

These matches prepare the MESA team for its tournament cycles. Throughout the season, MESA plays three different tournaments: Pre-Season Copa Revolution, Copa Santa Fe, and Madrid Easter Cup. These tournaments keep our players playing against the best teams in Madrid throughout the whole season. The MESA program maximizes a player’s entire time in Madrid. 

These are the tournaments that MESA regularly commits to and also participates in other competition opportunities as they come up. Additionally, our players integrate with Spanish teams and play league matches with them. This environment pushes for the most amount of games possible for our players.

Preparing for the MESA Match and Tournament Cycle

Since our players participate in many matches and tournaments, our coaching staff has to do their part in preparing our players for the cycle ahead. They do this in two different stages: practice and tactical meetings. Training and practice happens in the morning, where coaches can assess the current conditions of the players and drill them on specific tactical formations and movements.

Tactical meetings inform the team about tactics that will improve their performances. Coaches review footage from the previous games, so they can come up with better strategies and tactics. Players are then briefed by their coaches on the new game plans. This gets the team ready as a unit, but also against the opposing team they’ll face.

The Importance Of Tournaments And Matches

Tournaments and matches are when player performance matters the most. It is crucial to see how players hold up in these games. It gives trainers and coaches the data needed to assess their decision making, game intelligence, techniques, and physical stamina. Outside of the data these games provide, the matches themselves are important. It presents players with the highest level of competition possible. Playing against elite Spanish soccer teams is an experience unlike any other. Matching up against those teams reinforces a player’s sense of self. It is the environment that pushes them and furthers their growth.

By embracing the competition and engaging it, the MESA team strengthens as a team and individually. We provide the team with opportunities to develop through matches, while also having fun with soccer. Playing against world-class competition, the very best teams within Spain, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bringing that to our players is what MESA is all about.

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